Our Practice Areas

Real Estate 

Real estate is a core area of practice for the Mathers Law Firm. The firm, with its well experienced staff and systems, seamlessly conducts one of the largest volumes of residential and commercial real estate closings in Lycoming County. The Mathers Law Firm provides full settlement services  and is an Attorney Agent of the nationally renowned Old Republic Title Insurance Company. The firm conducts 1031 Tax Free Exchanges through OREXCO. For standard residential closings, no attorneys fees are imposed.

The firm provides expert service in contract negotiation, resolution of deal dilemmas, transaction structuring, creative solutions and drafting of  agreements to optimize client position. Dan Mathers is well known as a deal facilitator.

The Mathers Law Firm provides complete business and developer support services, including subdivision, land development and zoning issues. The firm represents several major regional developers and regularly conducts multi-million dollar commercial transactions statewide.

Dan Mathers has also become a recognized authority in oil, gas and mineral matters. The Mathers Law Firm regularly engages in drafting, negotiating and structuring oil, gas and mineral interests.

Business Law

The Mathers Law Firm concentrates on issues related to small and medium sized businesses. Dan Mathers provides experienced consultation and services to dozens of businesses ranging from entity selection and creation (including Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Joint Ventures and variations thereof) to the myriad of issues that confront business owners in our long professional relationships. The firm frequently provides services in the buying and selling of businesses, including creative solutions thereto.

Dan Mathers brings an added dimension to the business transaction table. Dan has, for decades, consciously engaged in business ventures and real estate projects as a principal, believing this enhanced his ability to relate to business and real estate venture needs of clients. Firm clients have commented on the wealth of practical perspective provided, beyond just standard legal advice. This "value added" is appreciated by many long term and new business clients.

Estate Planning and Administration

The Mathers Law Firm believes that your life's work deserves a conversation with planned, tailored solutions, not the completion of a form. Over the past four decades, Dan Mathers has met with thousands of families, small business owners and individuals to discuss their life goals and assess the best, least costly and least complicated way to get there. Dan has drafted thousands of Wills, Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, succession plans and related documents. The firm stands ready to create and implement sophisticated asset administration, family protection and business succession planning techniques. However, more often than not, clients want things kept as simple as possible while still meeting their goals. We agree and you are in control.

The firm also provides experienced estate and trust administration. Our goal is to be empathetic to families' needs and relieve them of administrative burdens following the death of their loved ones. Full support services are provided to estate Executors and Administrators. We typically can make early distribution of assets and endeavor to keep the  process painless and efficient.

Oil and Gas Law

Dan Mathers has represented dozens of individuals, families  and entities in matters relating to oil and gas including lease negotiation or review, pipeline rights of way, hunting club representation, entity creation and matters of estate planning and succession relating to oil and gas interests.


Despite one's best efforts, the circumstances and dilemmas of life sometimes  times require a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy affords such protection and offers both debtors and creditors an orderly opportunity to go forward.

The Mathers Law Firm provides services in Chapter 7 (straight liquidation bankruptcy) and in Chapter 13 (personal debt reorganization) bankruptcy proceedings. The Mathers Law Firm can provide experienced counsel on bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives to debtors. We can provide a steady hand on the rudder to assist you through the inevitable storms of life and onto a fresh financial start.

Civil Litigation

The Mathers Law Firm provides experienced counsel and representation in civil litigation, ranging from death and injury cases to business or real estate litigation. We understand the expense, anxiety and disruption to life or business caused by protracted litigation. Initial efforts at more efficient resolution are employed, including negotiation, mediation and potentially arbitration, at the client's election.

The Mathers Law Firm is selective in civil litigation cases accepted. For the occasions when a new matter may warrant specialized counsel, the firm will provide insightful and honest case evaluation and use our resources and experience to suggest an optimal referral to specialized counsel. In such matters, the Mathers Law Firm may remain as local counsel to address your needs and issues, at no further cost to you

Elder Law

Dan Mathers provides advice and document preparation on issues uniquely  impacting our elderly, including Powers of Attorney, wills, trusts and  nursing home planning (Medicaid asset protection).



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